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We are an 150 seat retro comedy club venue located in the heart of Manhattan's East Village. The club was founded by native New Yorkers who have years of experience in the comedy and bar businesses. Therefore, we pride ourselves in presenting the funniest and most experienced comedians featured on TV and film, and also providing a great environment for our patrons. We host special events, such as: fundraisers, bachelor & bachelorette parties, comedy classes, TV & movie shoots, singles nights, birthday parties, prom shows and New Year’s Eve events. There is no age restriction for admission. Shows may contain adult content, but we're an all-ages under 21 comedy club and offer non-alcoholic beverages for our underage customers.
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Does the 2 drink minimum have to be used for alcoholic beverages?
No, any beverage counts toward the 2 drink minimum. We offer many non-alcoholic beverages for our underage, pregnant, or non-alcohol drinking customers.
Do you need to be 21 years old to watch a show?
No, we're an all-ages club, so there are no age restrictions for admission. Shows may contain adult content, so it's up to the guardian's discretion if it's appropriate for minors.
Can food be purchased for the 2 drink minimum?
No, only beverages count toward the 2 drink minimum. We only offer a limited selection of snacks.
What happens if I show up late or need to cancel my reservation?
All patrons must arrive 30 minutes early as we seat on a first-come basis. Those arriving late are not guaranteed seats; as we begin seating standby customers. If we're not sold out; late-comers may still be seated. If reservation are missed; they may be rescheduled without penalty by emailing us and explaining the situation.
Are you wheelchair accessible?
We are not wheelchair accessible. However, if the wheelchair can be carried down the initial 4 steps into the club; the rest of the space is totally flat and a wheelchair can get around easily.
How long do the shows last?
It varies, but shows usually last about 1 hour & 45 minutes.